Inspection of lots

Inspection of lots/industrial audit

In some cases, when peculiarities of your business demand special attention to production and shipping of the goods, we are ready to offer you comprehensive inspection of the lots just before shipping or in process of manufacturing, as well as while placing an order.

Thanks to our representatives in the countries of Southeast Asia we can offer such service as industrial audit. Depending on your demands, we can carry out quality control both in the process of production, and while forming and preparing the lot for shipping, as well as straight before the cargo leaves the supplier’s warehouse. This process may include selective inspection of waste or wrong ready products in accordance with your criteria; inspection of quantity and weight; marking of products and export/storage tare; package quality control; other individual aspects.

Upon your request we can make an analysis and compare cost prices with offered purchase prices, we can also analyze calculation of order, or control accompanying papers. One of inspection criterias may be correspondence of goods shipped to the samples, approved before manufacturing.

As a result of each inspection we prepare a detailed report, which includes all inspection criteria and takes into account special features of the goods and of the supplier. Before the inspection starts we will help you with formation of the list of criteria and readiness.

Our inspectors are ready to go to any part of Southeast Asia for comprehensive check of your cargo, wherever your partners’ manufacturing plants or warehouses are.

Hotel and Restaurant Logistics

Hotel and Restaurant

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Perishable goods

Perishable goods

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