Air Freight

Spare parts for manufacturing line, Beaujolais nouveau and Novello for the Holiday of New Wine from France and Italy, medical supplies, premium food.

  • Delivery of all kinds of goods from any part of the world.
  • Selection of the most suitable route and the best tariffs for goods’ delivery.
  • Delivery of the cargo to the airport of departure, as well as from the airport of destination to the final receiver.
  • Cargo service at the airport: weighing, measurements, marking, handling.
  • Execution of transport and in-line documentation at the departure and destination airports.
  • Formalizing of cargoes and documentation at state services of the airport.
  • Customs clearance in countries of departure and destination.
  • Cargo booking and air freight organization.
  • Cargo storage in bonded and non-bonded warehouses.
  • Airport tariffs and charges payment.
  • Cargo movement monitoring on the whole route.
  • Cargo insurance on the whole route.
  • Organization of charter traffic.

Of course we will recommend air freight to our customers only in case of real need, proceeding from the features of goods/cargo, of supply chain or of urgency.

We use the benefits of already well-tested and proven products of the most professional air freight providers, we use different airlines and terminals, we work out the most flexible products, which correspond with your needs.

Brox offers:

  • Competitive rates;
  • Available places on boards even during high seasons;
  • Reasonable transit time.

We offer you a possibility to choose air services listed below, which may be chosen in combination:


Your cargo is sent with the first available flight with minimum transit ports, transit time won’t exceed 72 hours in most international airports.


The most reasonable service from the economic point of view. This variant is based on consolidation of goods with similar characteristics of different freight forwarders  in airports and hubs. Shipments are weekly. Transit time won’t exceed 7 days for most international airports, including even delivery to the airport of dispatch and from the airport of destination.


Using the wide net of hubs and benefits of air and sea freight, we offer you a combination of air and sea, which will allow you to cut down expenses and increase the delivery speed at the same time. For most directions transit time will make 20-25 days (Shanghai-Dubai-Moscow).


Sea Freight

Sea Freight

Wine from Argentina, customer goods from China, tinned food from Spain, tile from Portugal, bathroom equipment from Sweden, equipment from Germany, roof tile from Canada, sport supplement from USA…

Сonsumer goods

Сonsumer goods

We get used to comfort very fast, to the things have become unnoticeable and irreplaceable that often make the routine go away and let our individuality out. As simple as it may seem the delivery of consumer goods is one of the most important tasks that are handled by logistics specialists.