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Hotel and Restaurant Logistics

Hotel and Restaurant

Who doesn't like to change the scenery from time to time? Or having a nice steak in a restaurant with breath taking views, stay in a stylish, thought-through hotel, take a refreshing bath in a spa…

New and second-hand vehicles

New and second-hand vehicles

You appreciate speed, adrenaline, comfort. You love traveling: mountains, seas, snow valleys. During different seasons and for different purposes you use different vehicles.

Raw and stock materials

Raw materials

Rest assured that all necessary materials will be delivery to the building site on time, that the manufacturing will begin on time and that the factory will meet it's performance quota...

Intermodal solutions

Intermodal solutions

Irrespective of terms of the delivery contract - EXW/CIF/DDU - brox carries out transportation from any point of departure or port of shipment to any point of destination qualitatively and in due time.