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Perishable goods

We all love freshly picked fruit, organic milk and sour cream, lightest cheeses made to perfection…

How do you preserve the most fragile that we have - natures gifts in freshness and safety? How do you transport them from point A to point B without losing the nutrition, aroma, taste and juiciness?

Worry no more! brox understands and knows how to handle perishable goods in a way to deliver them to you in original natural condition - the way nature intended it!



A glass of refreshing lemonade in the hot afternoon or a cup of warm tea in the cool evening? Party with friends, clink of glasses and crackle of foamy bubbles... Or maybe a romantic picnic at the countryside...

Raw and stock materials

Raw materials

Rest assured that all necessary materials will be delivery to the building site on time, that the manufacturing will begin on time and that the factory will meet it's performance quota...