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Hotel and Restaurant Logistics

Who doesn't like changing the scenery from time to time?

Having a nice steak in a restaurant with breath taking views, staying in a stylish, thought-through hotel, taking a refreshing bath in a spa…

When the opportunity is there we take full advantage of it, setting on route to new adventures and experiences, places and interiors.

brox will help you make your guests happy with new interiors and seasonal furnishings right on time, when the subtle thoughts of change start floating in the air. We will take care of everything and deliver it exactly on time, all that left for you is to relax and enjoy the winds of change...

Geography of the product:

  • Furniture - Italy, UK, USA, Germany, China;
  • Rugs - India, UK;
  • Linens - Turkey, Portugal, France, Italy;
  • Equipment - Germany, Italy, China;
  • Glassware - Germany;
  • Tableware - France, Germany, Spain;
  • Silwerware- France, UK, Germany, Austria;
  • Uniforms - Germany, Poland, France;
  • Accessories - Italy, UK, France.

We successfully carry all types of exclusive goods and products using our vast geographical and logistical capabilities.

Opening of a new hotel and renovations of rooms:

We will develop and execute the entire project from start to finish and minimize your workload for all matters regarding shipments of any specific products for your hotel. Moreover, we will calculate customs duties, optimize routing, and will select the best suited means of transportation depending on the goods shipped. If needed we will store the goods in a warehouse upon arrival and then ship to your location in accordance with your schedule. You will not have to worry about arranging storage, product control or delivery of supplies. Over the course of it's existence brox has expanded beyond the borders of Russia and can help you find suppliers in different countries and assist you with negotiations and purchasing of supplies.

Operations process:

In the origin country, we will:

  • talk to the supplier;
  • position and load containers;
  • consolidate the cargo;
  • transport (ground, sea and air);
  • insure the cargo.

In the destination country, we will:

  • Custom clear the cargo;
  • Deliver the goods to your hotel or warehouse for storage and sorting;
  • Sort the cargo and deliver in accordance to your schedule;
  • Utilize supplies.

Trust brox and you will see that renovations can be a fun activity rather than gruesome work.

Intermodal solutions

Intermodal solutions

Irrespective of terms of the delivery contract - EXW/CIF/DDU - brox carries out transportation from any point of departure or port of shipment to any point of destination qualitatively and in due time.

Hotel and Restaurant Logistics

Hotel and Restaurant

Who doesn't like to change the scenery from time to time? Or having a nice steak in a restaurant with breath taking views, stay in a stylish, thought-through hotel, take a refreshing bath in a spa…