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A glass of refreshing lemonade in the hot afternoon or a cup of warm tea in the cool evening?

Party with friends, clink of glasses and crackle of foamy bubbles...

Or maybe a romantic picnic at the countryside, dry white wine and sweet moments together?

Quenching thirst is a pleasure. Increase this pleasure by appropriate atmosphere and invite your nearest and dearest, brox will do everything possible, that the drinks are delivered to you exactly on time, will make you happy.

The major components of our service:

  • Sea, Air and Ground freight;
  • Consolidation;
  • Application of Excise Marks;
  • Customs clearance;
  • Security (survey, insurance, sensors, armed escort)
  • Monitoring and online tracking

Geography of the service:

  • Imports of bottled spirits (wine and hard liquor from the Old World);
  • Wine and wine making components in flexy tanks from Latin America, RSA, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Australia and New Zealand;
  • Bottled and kegged beer from Europe, North America and Asia;
  • Import and export of waters and juices;
  • Import of juice concentrates (packaged and in bulk);
  • Export of Russian Vodka worldwide;
  • China - apple juice concentrates;
  • Greece - peach pure; 
  • Chile - pear pure;
  • Chile, Argentina, RSA, Brazil and Sicily - wine and raw material for making of Russian Champagne;
  • Spain, Italy, France, Germany, New Zealand, Australia and Americas - bottled wine;
  • As well as exports of mors and mineral water from Russia.

Suggestions to shippers:

Due to the fragile nature of the goods and to sensitivity to temperature and climate change we always find the best solution. All cargoes in standard containers, as well as containers with thermo insulation are stowed under deck away from the engine compartment. This is a precaution against the thermal shock and helps preserve the taste and quality of the product.


For bottled alcohol from different regions we can offer consolidation of products at the warehouse. Depending on the geography of the products, we can also offer loading of less than container loads from various shippers in one container or van. 

Any alcohol with proof higher than 9 per cent for both import and export must have excise marks. We are happy to offer you the services of application of such marks at the ports of Riga, Talinn and Kotka.

We can also offer the services of label applications, packaging as well as gift wrapping, sorting and palletizing.


Thanks to our online tracking system, you are always able to see the status of your cargo and to generate and email reports in convenient format.

Air Freight

Air Freight

Spare parts for manufacturing line, Beaujolais nouveau and Novello for the Holiday of New Wine from France and Italy, medical supplies, premium food. Delivery of all kinds of goods from any part of the world.

Inspection of lots

Inspection of lots

In some cases, when peculiarities of your business demand special attention to production and shipping of the goods, we are ready to offer you comprehensive inspection of the lots just before shipping or in process of manufacturing, as well as while placing an order.