Majority of cargoes that cross Russia's border must be certified and have correct permits and licenses. All these documents are necessary for customs clearance of the goods. We are ready to consult our clients on preparation of the full set of documents.

Currently, we provide the services of obtaining the following permits and certifications: 

  • Opinion Letter of the Russian Research Institute for Certification (VNIIS)
  • Certificate of Origin (Form ST-1)
  • Certificate of Conformity
  • The sanitary and epidemiological opinion letter
Inspection of lots

Inspection of lots

In some cases, when peculiarities of your business demand special attention to production and shipping of the goods, we are ready to offer you comprehensive inspection of the lots just before shipping or in process of manufacturing, as well as while placing an order.

Hotel and Restaurant Logistics

Hotel and Restaurant

Who doesn't like to change the scenery from time to time? Or having a nice steak in a restaurant with breath taking views, stay in a stylish, thought-through hotel, take a refreshing bath in a spa…