The location of the cargo plays a crucial role in the process of sales and manufacturing planning and fore casting. We understand the importance of this information and offer our clients the ability to track the movement of their cargo via our internal system.

By logging in the system with your user id and password generated for you by our specialists, you will be able to see the estimated and actual information regarding movement of current shipments and see the history of shipments.

The information in the system is secured and private, so that only you will be able to see the movement of your cargoes.

With the help of custom filters you will be able to adjust the system in a way that is convenient for you and afterwards setup reports that will be automatically sent to your email.

Please note that the system refreshes the data once per day from 0:00 until 01:00 (Moscow Time). Estimated date can appear the next day after receiving your order and actual upon completion of one of the stages of transportation. Regardless of the information that the system provides, please feel free to contact us at any time for timely updates.

Hotel and Restaurant Logistics

Hotel and Restaurant

Who doesn't like to change the scenery from time to time? Or having a nice steak in a restaurant with breath taking views, stay in a stylish, thought-through hotel, take a refreshing bath in a spa…

Intermodal solutions

Intermodal solutions

Irrespective of terms of the delivery contract - EXW/CIF/DDU - brox carries out transportation from any point of departure or port of shipment to any point of destination qualitatively and in due time.