The search for new partners or suppliers always includes particular risks. Before the work starts you should gain full confidence and make close connections with your remote counterparty. It is especially important that you have goals such as cutting purchasing price, forming more flexible delivery plans or cooperation conditions, controlling the process of manufacturing or solving constantly arising from operational tasks with your counterpart.

If you need to look for a new suppliers or new goods in the countries of Southeast Asia, we are ready to offer you this full service both separately and together with our other products. We can look for a new supplier from the very beginning, or select an alternative partner for you in order to improve profitability and to start a full-scale cooperation with your new counterparty, or in order to diversify purchases. This may be necessary if you possess some basic information about your potential partner, but before start having business relationships you would like to verify his/her reliability or compliance with the provided data.

In any of the above named cases, our representatives will carry out all the preparation in order to determine your needs and parameters of your new partners. As a result of the search and the analysis, we will make a report with the list of companies, which correspond to the chosen criteria. The characteristics may be the following: purchasing prices, level of technical equipping of manufacturing plant and warehouses, staff qualification, level of communication, wide variety of samples and other criteria, which are important while looking for a new partner.

In the event that you are interested in searching for a specific product with distinct qualities we are happy to offer this service to you as well. Technical characteristics, cost parameters and other qualifiers are set for the search. The result of the search and analysis outlining the cons and pros of the proposed products will be presented to you.


Air Freight

Air Freight

Spare parts for manufacturing line, Beaujolais nouveau and Novello for the Holiday of New Wine from France and Italy, medical supplies, premium food. Delivery of all kinds of goods from any part of the world.

Heavy Lift and Project Cargo


The international transportation of out of gauge and project cargo is one of the most complex services in brox's line up. Transportation of heavy lift and oversized cargoes is, perhaps, one the most demanding task that requires specialized equipment, knowledge and experience...