Brox approach

• Personal approach to each client;

• Worldwide availability 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year;

• Provision of quotations within 48 hours from the moment of inquiry;

• Pass through quotations;

• Timely processing of your orders;

• Provision of the first-rate quality services at reasonable cost;

• Aspiration to constant decrease of cost;

• Respect for contractors;

• Constant improvement of quality indicators;

• Encouragement of initiatives of our employees;

• Constant contact with the Client;

• Restrained promises and observed deadlines;

• to Respect you and ourselves;

• We always share experience with our clients and help you with to choose decisions.


We regularly notify our Clients about the situation on market by means of our blogs and notices. In case of considerable change in the sphere of transportation and customs logistics we will organize free seminars for our clients; organization of basic trainings (as it is called in Russian «the Course of a young fighter») in logistics for managers of foreign trade activities, employees of purchases and sales departments is also possible.

You will find useful references and the minimum set of the necessary help data in section "Consulting".

We are assured that people work with people, and it is not important, which business the model is applied: business-to-business, business-to-customer, government-to-customer, government-to-business - as a result all of us anyway remain people.


Unlike the global companies, we have insignificant expenses and low commission; together with our services-contracts and extensive network of worthy contractors we are able to give you qualitative services at more attractive prices.

To be honest, we have no secrets from you, and we are even ready to give you the details of our price offers and to specify the forwarding commission separately.

Inspection of lots

Inspection of lots

In some cases, when peculiarities of your business demand special attention to production and shipping of the goods, we are ready to offer you comprehensive inspection of the lots just before shipping or in process of manufacturing, as well as while placing an order.

Air Freight

Air Freight

Spare parts for manufacturing line, Beaujolais nouveau and Novello for the Holiday of New Wine from France and Italy, medical supplies, premium food. Delivery of all kinds of goods from any part of the world.